Sample of Dr. Patrick´s over 3,000 Media Appearances  

Demo Reel

​Political Commentary Demo Reel 


Fox News Channel TONIGHT, Harvey Weinstein Parade of Accusers







Channel 6 San Diego Knockout Game Channel 6


Fox 5 San Diego, Mike Pompeo Will Narrowly be Approved as Secretary of State


Channel 6 San Diego, Safe Cell Phone Use


Airport security after LAX Shooting

KUSI San Diego Arming TSA Agents post LAX shooting 


Channel 6 San Diego LAX Shooting, Arming TSA Agents

Channel 6 San Diego LAX Shooting, Gun violence, Arming TSA agents

KUSI San Diego Costume Correctness KUSI San Diego 

KPBS Costume Correctness KPBS


i24 News English, The Rundown, Teen Arrested For Threats on US Jewish Centers
NBC San Diego Costume Correctness San Diego NBC

Facebook lessening of privacy settings


Channel 6 San Diego Trump University San Diego Lawsuit, Will Trump Testify?


Channel 8 San Diego, Trump University Called Fraudulent from the Debate Stage 

FOX 5 San Diego How to Protect Yourself from an Active Shooter in the Workplace FOX 5 San Diego 
FOX 5 San Diego Expert On Red Flags To Protect Your Teen From Predators 


KUSI San Diego Sponsors Sticking With NFL After Domestic Violence Scandal

CBS 8  San Diego Red Flags: keeping your children safe from sexual predators.  James DiMaggio killed by FBI
FOX 5 San Diego Legal Expert On FBI Hacking Into Cell Phones
FOX 5 San Diego Zimmerman Trial 
FOX 5 San Diego Zimmerman Trial 


FOX 5 San Diego George Zimmerman Trial, Supreme Court Decisions

KUSI San Diego, PRISM, Facebook, Google - what's the difference?  Privacy 

NBC San Diego Ethics of Federal Data Mining 
FOX 5 San Diego Details Learned From Santa Monica Shootings Investigation
FOX 5 San Diego, Reading Red Flags.Cleveland Kidnaper Hides in Plain Sight 
Channel 6 San Diego, Boston Bombings, How to read a terrorist, SD Channel 
FOX 5 San Diego Scripps Ranch "Twerking" Punishment Reaction  

FOX 5 San Diego Boston Marathon bombing Safety  

Channel 6 San Diego, Can Your Boss Monitor your activities off the clock?
NBC San Diego San Diego Boston Marathon Bombing: How can we stay safe in public? 
Channel 8 San Diego, Can your boss monitor you off the clock?  

FOX 5 San Diego Rutger's Firing 
KUSI San Diego, Social Media and Prop 8 Debate 


KUSI San Diego, Rutger's coach firing
FOX 5 San Diego Can employers request your social media password

FOX 5 San Diego  Social Media and Prop 8 Debate  


NBC San Diego 7, Ticketmaster Refunds Excess Fees Collected

FOX 5 San Diego, Christopher Dorner Case Causes Employers to Rethink their Firing Practices







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